New Client - Physiotherapy

Return Client - Physiotherapy

Women's, Men's & Children's Health Physiotherapy

Women's, Men's and Children's Physiotherapy treatment specific to pelvic health and pelvic pain, incontinence, and bowel dysfunction. Pre/during/post pregnancy & breastfeeding issues. Children's incontinence. Men's prostate surgery pelvic floor rehab.

New & Private - Clinical Movement Therapy

(Previously called Clinical Pilates)
Initial Assessment & Private Sessions with Physiotherapist focusing on movement-based treatment

Group - Clinical Movement Therapy

Clinical Movement Therapy (previously called Clinical Pilates) - after you have completed your 1-hour Initial Assessment with us.
Studio #1 has max 4 per class.
Studio #2 has max 3 per class.

Dance Physio

Pelvic Floor Program

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41 Hampden Road, Nedlands
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